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How does the future feel?
The building of tomorrow is currently being built in Charlottenburg, Berlin, ringing in a new era for architecture. Our partner spring Brand Ideas GmbH told the story of this futuristic landmark in a beautifully designed magazine. But how could we bring this editorial storytelling to the digital space?
Working closely with the design team of spring, we translated the information to 
a website, consulting them every step of the way: visualizing information, condensing it into a more interactive, tangible and more emotional online experience.

tangible online experience

To achieve our goals, we created modular templates with React as our framework of choice. This enables us to change or enlarge the platform if the need for it should occur.
On the downside, loading React applications takes longer in the beginning. This is why we decided to render the site on our server and render images via lazyloading. This ensures that the client gets exactly what he needs. For this server side rendering we chose to use Next.js as framework.
React, lazyloading & Next.js
Moving images create higher emotionality and and interactive infographics condense information 
and make it clear at first glance.
You can have a look here:

the result is a clean and user friendly website.


  • Marco Lilli, Development
  • Marcel Pahnke, Development
  • spring • brand ideas, Design