• Design

We developed the new identity and the current EP cover of FLOSS. In close exchange with her, we have created the new world of FLOSS very extensively over the past year. A lot of pink, some punk and definitely always new perspectives are in the new FLOSS identity.

A bit of gaga and lots of over-the-top retro-future glam

FLOSS feminist approach to her music is reflected in her logo. The font GOOD GIRL by Marion Bisserier is there to take up space, spread and become visible. We adapted the O to a simplified vulva, a little twisted, a little different, just like FLOSS.

the covers

FLOSS world is attention-grabbing. She creates free worlds for artists. These worlds show up in her covers, styling and especially in her videos. During the development of her single covers and at the end of her EP covers we were allowed to develop these worlds together.


  • Antonia Reiter, Design