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We were thrilled to take on the website project. From the start, we knew that we had the opportunity to create something truly exceptional for a team of talented motion designers and film producers.

not only functional, but also visually striking

One of our main goals for the project was to create a website that was not only functional, but also visually striking and engaging for visitors. We achieved this by simplifying the website to its most essential ingredient: its content.
The website is a single, long feed of visual content that can be maintained by the Grotesk Group. Just like the works of the Grotesk Group are loud and assertive, the website follows suit. Images and videos are repeated extensively, placed close together to minimize empty space, and they fill the entire screen.
As a team, we're incredibly proud of the final result. We feel like we've created a website that not only meets the needs of the Grotesk Group team, but also stands out as a unique and memorable experience for their visitors.


  • Marco Lilli, Design + Development
  • Marcel Pahnke, Development
  • Andrea Wegener, Design