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  • Design

OTK is a modern surface technology provider using state-of-the-art procedures for powder coating. So, our job was to bring our clients' websites to the 21st century and match the modernity of their services with their digital business card.

A modern corporate identity.

A rough draft of the design had been provided by our client. Based on this, we created a new corporate identity, fine-tuned and turned out the designs.
Finally, we programmed the site. All of it as cutting-edge as possible.

cutting-edge as possible.

As always, we built the website by using reusable components, to keep the development process as straightforward as possible. In this case, though, we put an extra eye on variety to keep the user experience exciting, as they explore OTK’s services.

Hosted in Germany, running on green electricity


  • Marco Lilli, Development
  • Marcel Pahnke, Development
  • Andrea Wegener, Design
  • Antonia Reiter, Design