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Schwund was an exhibition in Ratingen by the artist Harald Schaak during the spring of 2020. Our task was to bring this exhibit to the art enthusiast's screens, taking into consideration all of the current restrictions due to COVID-19 and the fact that Ratingen is not easily accessible to every art connoisseur.

Bringing art to your screen.

Together with Harald Schaak, we figured out how to bring the show to the web. We didn’t want to reproduce it in 3D, but rather create a more realistic interactive immersion.
You can test it here:
We decided to build the site mobile first.
In the auto-playing videos the artist leads the user through the exhibit, which allows the viewer unique insights into the artwork.
This means visitors can visit it from their couch, their commute or from anywhere they can get a stable connection.
Harald Schaak leads through his exhibition.
The website itself is part of the show, as it dissolves after a while, matching the title of the exhibit ('Schwund' = fading).

Schwund = Fading